The Tiffany

It is very common to have my wife ask me " What's the Tiffany?"
or hear one of my daughters say Daddy, "What's the Tiff?" or "has
the Tiff been made yet?"

Just what is the Tiffany? The tiffany or sometimes known as the
tiff, is the dollar amount needed for the week.

You cannot fool the amount or make it any other figure than what

it actually is. If you do, you will soon come to the understanding
that you cannot trick God. He knows exactly what you need.

If you have an oversight, He knows that too. If you fall short,
He adjusts it by showing you where the differences are.
Once again proving that He knows exactly what you need.

Over a thousand tiffanies have come and gone now and once
again we find ourselves praying.

Thank you again Lord Jesus, for seeing us through another week.